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Ship a SaaS app with Expo Router and Supabase

ShipRN is built for the React Natives developer of tomorrow.

This full-stack template uses Expo Router and Supabase to help you

quickly initialize, deploy, and continuously develop your app using pre-built

Authentication, Database, In-app Purchases, Push Notifications, Bug Reporting, UI components, and more.

What's next for ShipRN?

This is a list of features we're working on, and what we intend to release in future versions. This list is subject to change and will be updated as we make progress.


Feb 13

CLI non-interactive mode

A default configuration of Expo Router with Supabase auth and database, set up for you. Includes iOS and Android targets and support for email, Apple, and Google auth providers, out-of-the-box. Docs cleaned up to reflect this.


Feb 15

Public beta documentation

Follow our docs to both better understand and add support for push notifications via OneSignal, in-app purchases via RevenueCat, and bug reporting via Sentry.


Feb 23

Re-introduce CLI interactive mode

Custom configure your initial set up to select targets, auth providers, and additional packages. Follow along with our public beta docs for a seamless experience.


End of Feb

High fidelity documentation

Documentation is a top priority for us and, with the help of our early adopters, we will stand up smooth and high quality documentation that simplifies the initialization process, tasks associated with continued development, and deployment.


End of Feb

Dockerize Supabase for local development

Docker massively simplifies local development with Supabase and provides a robust debugging experience for all of your app's flows.



Expo Router API routes + tRPC

Although experimental, using Expo Router's API routes with tRPC will allow you to side-step dealing with RLS via Supabase's database setup. This will be optional but indicative of things to come from the Expo team!

That's not all!

We're always open to new ideas and feedback over here. If you feel like there's something missing in ShipRN, you're welcome to pitch the core team in our Discord.